Engineering And Design

The services provided for energy projects, especially for solar and wind projects are as below:

  • Energy Yield Analysis according to material and equipment selection.
  • Project and Design Studies
    • Preparation and approval of Land deed rights and Coordinates, base maps
    • Geological, ground and topographical studies.
    • Preparation and approval of electrical grid connection projects
    • Preparation of single line diagrams
    • Preparation of electrical, mechanical and static calculations and projects
    • Preparation and approval of all projects in accordance with Authorized Institute’s standards
  • Project management and planning
  • Examination of designs as to their compliance with local rules and regulations
  • The elaboration of technical specifications, Bill of Quantities (quantity survey, estimation) etc. and preparation of all tender documents.
  • Inspection and supervision of work at site
  • Management on behalf of the employer of the temporary and final acceptance and commissioning processes