Engineering Services
• Determination of potential project sites and preparation of technical reports to calculate annual electricty production
• Preparation of foundation projects followed after geological survey
• Preparation of grid connection projects
• Preparation of construction project

Consultancy Services
• Filing Applications
• Provision of necessary permits
         · Provision of construction permit
         · EIA Apprival (Environmental Impact Assessment) Report (EIA positive-EIA negative or EIA not nesessary)
         · Provision of grid connnection permit
• Consultancy on site and commissioning of the plant

Contracting Services
• Importing of solar panels and transport to solar power plant site
• Solar power plant construction works
• Grid connection
• Photovoltaic system installation and commissioning

Technical services
• Maintenance service for 2, 5 and 10 years
• Remote control of electric production values of solar panels
• 7/24 monitoring of solar power plant and energy production control
• Billing service after the start of energy sale