Active since 2003 and drawing upon more than 20 years of experience possessed by its partners, TTE Technology, Commerce and Engineering provide engineering, technical advisory and contracting services in the development and implementation of energy, infrastructure and construction projects. We further provide consultancy to financial institutions and investors, be it carrying out feasibility studies, preparing specific agreements or organizing project-specific financing.

Well aware of effective project management, stakeholder coordination and communication being crucial factors in the project implementation process, TTE streamline the best technical, legal, and financial methods as required in every specific case and present the stakeholders creative solutions in line with the current legal/legislative framework.

TTE team has extensive international experience particularly in the development of energy (renewable, hydro, coal, oil) and transportation (rail and port) projects, from financing to preparation of agreements and contracts, as well as in construction management. We deal as well in providing services internationally in finding strategic partners or suitors for contractors of such projects.

In Turkey and many other countries, TTE join forces with solution partners experienced in design, construction, procurement, finance and law, thus strengthening its international presence every passing day.